The Big Au Giveaway! 🏆 - Au Vodka

The Big Au Giveaway! 🏆

Well, what an experience that was! We think our very first large-scale giveaway was a great success. After hitting 100k followers on our Instagram page (a huge milestone for us), we wanted to find a way to give back to the fans of our brand.

After brainstorming with the team, we decided on a prize giveaway that included a stunning Mercedes-Benz C-Class wrapped in our signature gold, a years supply of AU Vodka and a briefcase containing £10,000 in cash to help with the insurance of the car.

As you can imagine, this giveaway went crazy across all social platforms, and the support we received was overwhelming.


Wrapping process
After purchasing the car, we knew we had to add an AU spin to it, that’s where ‘…’ came in, they took this already impressive car and took it to a whole new level by wrapping it in a sleek gold colour way and subtle AU Vodka branding, check out photos of the wrapping process below.


Giveaway post
After preparing the prizes for the giveaway, we started getting ready to share this with our followers. After physically removing the front doors of our Swansea HQ, we drove the now gold car into our front of house show room, we then set the scene for the giveaway by surrounding the car with 52 bottles of AU Vodka and filling a gold briefcase with £10,000 in cash. Our talented photographer Lewys then got to work on capturing some great photo and video content for the post.

After we posted the giveaway on all our social platforms, it blew up more than any of us could expect, gaining a crazy 5,000+ shares on Facebook and 100K+ likes on Instagram!

Unfortunately, due to the amount of fake accounts created trying to scam people who entered our competition, our giveaway was taken down on Facebook and Instagram. Luckily, we managed to take an inventory of all the entries before the posts got removed.


Selection process 
We originally planned to let the giveaway run for 2 weeks to give as many people as possible the chance to enter, but after the hassle we faced with posts being removed, we decided to bring the end date forward and let the giveaway run for just 3 days.

Once we announced the giveaway was now closed, we took our inventory of entries from all social platforms and entered them into an online spinning wheel generator to ensure a random selection was made. Our team watched on in excitement as one winner from 130,000+ entries was chosen, the winner chosen by the wheel was Ewan Porteous who entered via Instagram.


Charlie Sloth call
After we had a winner randomly selected, we discussed how we could reveal to him he had won our big giveaway while simultaneously getting his genuine reaction on camera.

We decided the best way to do this was to message Ewan on Instagram informing him he was a ‘finalist’ and to give us his phone number and expect a call later that day.

That’s where Charlie Sloth came in, we gave Charlie Ewan’s phone number and he FaceTimed him all the way from Dubai, watch how the FaceTime call went below.


Scotland Trip
After discussing with Ewan a time that worked for him, 4 members of our team made the journey from our Swansea HQ to deliver Ewan's prizes to his front door, in Scotland!

Check out the photo below of Ewan receiving his Gold Mercedes-Benz C-Class, a years supply of AU Vodka and £10,000 in cash.


Overall, despite running into problems with Facebook and Instagram, being able to deliver these prizes to a genuine fan of the brand and give back to our growing community, made it all worth it.

We can’t wait to do another one, so keep your eyes peeled for our next big giveaway!