Au Vodka Monthly Cocktail Box Subscription


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Each subscription box is shipped out on the 16th of the month via Standard Delivery. If you’ve ordered after the 16th of the month, your box will be dispatched on the 16th of the following month. 

e.g. A box ordered on the 29th of January will be dispatched on the 16th of February.

We take payment for your first box on the day of purchase. Following the first payment, we will always take future payments on the 9th of the month your next box is due. This is 7 days before the box is dispatched to you. 

You will never be billed more than once in each month’s billing cycle. 

E.g. If you purchase your box on the 29th of January, your box will be dispatched on the 16th of February, and you won;t be billed again until the 9th of March.

Each cocktail box contains a 70cl bottle of Au Vodka, as well as all of the ingredients to make 4-5 delicious cocktails.  The cocktail kit, as well as the 70cl bottle flavour change every month. The new cocktail is released on the 17th of every month.

Yes. If you want to purchase this month’s sub you’ll need to purchase it before the 14th of the month. You will be unable to purchase this month’s sub on the 15th or 16th. On the 17th, the next months sub is released

Yes, there is a 3-month minimum term for the subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any point after 3 months. Please be aware that you’ll need to cancel your subscription before your next payment date to avoid being charged.

You can manage your subscription here.

The Au Vodka Monthly Cocktail Subscription box is a recurring monthly subscription that delivers a different 70cl bottle, as well as a recipe card and all of the ingredients to 4-5 servings of a delicious and unique cocktail.

We have worked with our team of beverage experts to create exceptional tasting cocktails.

The new recipe of the month is released on the 17th.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re leaving! To cancel your membership you need to head here and follow the instructions. 

If you are having trouble cancelling your subscription, please email us at

If you need to manage your subscription, please head here.

Yes, you will earn 45 loyalty points for each month’s subscription.

f you need any more help with your subscription, or have any further questions please email