Intergalactic Punch

The Au Vodka Intergalactic Punch seamlessly blends the unique taste of Guava with the vibrant flair of Au Vodka Cosmic Berries. A perfectly balanced cosmic cocktail that can be enjoyed over and over again.


  • Au Vodka Cosmic Berries
    50 ml
  • Led Sirop de MONIN Blackcurrant
    12.5 ml
  • Guava Juice
    50 ml
  • Lemon Juice
    20 ml
  • Lemon Wheel
  • Cosmic Cherries
Number of servings


(Optional) Add 25ml of Au Vodka Cosmic Berries to the pot of Glace Cherries to infuse overnight, or for a few hours to create Cosmic Cherries

1. Fill shaker with ice.

2. Add Cosmic Berries, Blackcurrant Syrup, Lemon Juice and Guava Juice to shaker.

3. Shake vigorously.

4. Pour into ice filled glass.

5. Garnish with a Lemon Wheel and (Cosmic) Cherry.

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