TattAu - Terms & Conditions

All customers will need to be 18+ and provide proof of valid ID before they can have a tattoo.

All customers will be required to review and sign a standard Tattoo consent form and disclaimer if they wish to proceed with having a tattoo to ensure they understand and adhere to all required health and safety precautions.

Tattoos will be subject to first come first serve (i.e. only available during 12pm - 4pm on Saturday 11 March 2023).

Customers are limited to 1 tattoo per person.

Cash offerings are between £75 - £250 dependant on the size of the tattoo selected.

Customers are able to choose between 3 different tattoo designs.

Customers can only allocate their tattoo to either the arm or leg.

Au Vodka may refuse customer participation in its sole discretion.