Introducing The Gold Gang Loyalty Programme

In January 2023, we are bringing one of the most exciting and comprehensive loyalty programs that the industry has ever seen. Au Vodka has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and the Gold Gang Community is growing at an outstanding rate. Without the ongoing support of our most loyal supporters, Au Vodka would not be what it is today. We want to thank you for your ongoing allegiance to Au Vodka, as we continue to take you on this journey with us.

Over the past year, we have been working on something special. A way of giving back to our community. We have designed a loyalty programme that goes above and beyond anything that has ever been seen before, separating ourselves from other brands and disrupting the industry. Without the support of our community, Au would not have grown into the globally renowned spirits brand that it is today. We want to say thank you.

We have carefully crafted a loyalty programme that rewards our customers, no matter how much they choose to spend with us. We’ve built out a four-tiered system, with the Gold Tier being arguably the most unique, exclusive and coveted loyalty tiers across the globe. Our community will be rewarded across all four of these tiers, and as you rank up these tiers, the bigger rewards become available. Early access to new launches, invite-only events, flavour tasting sessions, exclusive products and digital collectables are just some of the many benefits offered on this programme. Anyone in our community has the opportunity to make it to the Gold Tier, however only the most loyal will get there. The ‘Gold Tier’ will offer once in a lifetime experiences, and grant access to the Au Vodka ‘Gold Card’ – a concept that is brand new for 2023. More will be revealed within the coming weeks.

The programme will launch in January 2023, but you can start collecting points now and get ahead of the pack. Every £1 spent on our store will add 1 point to your loyalty account. These points can then be used as a digital currency to either redeem discounts across the store or be used to make purchases. Points can’t be redeemed until the launch in January. The number of points you earn will also determine your tier. You cannot be demoted from a tier for spending points - your points are there to be used.

More information will be revealed about our tiers within the coming weeks. Keep an eye out across our socials, and throughout emails to find clues on what’s coming soon. Now is your chance to get a head start and start earning points. All will be revealed in our mid-January launch.

The Gold Gang is growing… Will you be a part of it?

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